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  • The ubiquity of smartphones and tablets has forced website designers to tailor sites for mobile devices. Why create multiple versions of a website just to accommodate smartphones? The optimal approach is to utilize a responsive design from the beginning of the wed development process. This type of site is designed to conform to the dimensions of a user's device, without lose any functionality or usability. That is far more convenient than having to pinch-to-zoom on a site designed for desktop users. Who wants to look at tiny content on your phone screen? When it comes to a user-friendly interface for your customers, the results are worth it. As previously mentioned, responsive design means…

  • Print, despite what you might have heard, is not dead. Even though it’s been displaced by the Internet as the main channel of disseminating information, print can still be a valuable ally in promotion. Don’t get us wrong; an online presence is essential to operate on today’s business landscape. However, printed materials can increase your site’s traffic by bridging people to it from the physical world. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of materials such as fliers. Passing them out at, say, conventions or trade shows puts your brand directly into the hands of people who are interested in your products or services. Moreover, every person…

  • More people are connecting via social media than ever before, and in many cases constantly. Establishing a social media presence is well worth it for any business, for many reasons. Getting the Message Out People expect to see activity when they visit your profiles, so it’s good to get into a routine of making regular posts in a timeframe they can expect. Once you develop a following, they will know when to look for your posts. Social media gets your message to them, instantly. However, events don’t always happen on a schedule. There are times when it is critical to respond to a situation…

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