Mystic Waters Media 2015 Strategy

On Developments...

After two years in business, many people ask us about the future. Whats next? Where is Mystic Waters Media headed?

Well, there is no intention to lose pace. In fact, this month we are turning on the gas with a collection of news-worthy announcements. First off, we will be showcasing at the Purdue Calumet Job Fair this Friday. Additionally, we will have a booth at the Northwest Indiana Comic Con on February 21st, which will also be the relaunch of an entertainment website that was in many ways was a spiritual predecessor to this entire company.

There are roughly half a dozen people involved in making this machine move forward and we have no intention of slowing down. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out and let's have a conversation about how to work together.

Contested Measurements

For a boutique firm based in a tertiary market like Northwest Indiana, Mystic Waters Media has turned out a significant amount of content. We have posted thousands of social media updates, hundreds of blog entries, scores of press releases and consulted clients in a variety of industries on how to improve their marketing strategy, improve websites and expand their footprint within the respective marketplace.

With that said, we have not rested in regards to our own territory as well. is quickly approaching its 200th original piece of content. Not bad for a niche publication focused on shining light at topics that affect all of us in Northwest Indiana. Look for new initiatives in the coming months to expand that brand.

2015 is looking to be an exciting year - stick with us to see what great new announcements we make in the coming months.