Mystic Waters Media 2015 Strategy

Hello everyone,

Hopefully this message finds you well. Autumn is quickly approaching and those of us here at Mystic Waters have been taking some time to look back on the summer and what we have accomplished over the last few months.

The first thing worth mentioning is that we published "Using Social Media" back in May. It is our first in house publication and was constructed by Jacob Szemanski and Kurtis Iseminger with some assistance from me. These two guys have been a great asset during the infancy of this company and we are actively seeking ways to integrate them beyond their internship roles. The documents is downloaded regularly so look for a follow-up at some point.

This brings us to our next noteworthy point. The internship opportunities for college students are very flexible. Of course, we are always looking for people looking to blog, write feature articles or assist in developing other content. However, it is worth noting that we have a wide variety of projects underway and can find ways to get you involved. Gerald Chapman is an Electrical Engineering student that has been prototyping some 3D printing concepts. You never know where you might fit in with MWM!

We understand that everything we do it all about connecting with individuals, so we have actively been engaging the #NWindiana business community by visiting networking events and connecting with other regional entities.

Duneland Innovators

Duneland Innovators is beginning to pick up steam and there is now quite a bit of content to read. So if you have not checked out the site in a while or ever before, find out what you've been missing. Posts have been about topics like technology in its infancy, how-to’s, reviews of local universities and interviews and reviews of entrepreneurs and their businesses.

We launched a site for Halfpint Helmets recently and are now looking forward to the first shipment of mini helmets to arrive here in Chicagoland. Look for those soon!  Additionally, we are working on sites for Mystic Sweets & Crestone Music, but these are in states of progress and not quite complete yet.

Mystic Waters has also been developing a content marketing campaign for CimTrak, the file integrity monitoring software suite by Cimcor. The company operates around the globe but is based nearby in Merrillville. Its great to be working with these guys and we're learning a lot.

It has been an exciting couple of months. As we approach the 1 year anniversary of founding this company there is much more to be excited about to come. Stay tuned…