social media management Chicago IndianaMore people are connecting via social media than ever before, and in many cases constantly. Establishing a social media presence is well worth it for any business, for many reasons.

Getting the Message Out

People expect to see activity when they visit your profiles, so it’s good to get into a routine of making regular posts in a timeframe they can expect. Once you develop a following, they will know when to look for your posts. Social media gets your message to them, instantly.

However, events don’t always happen on a schedule. There are times when it is critical to respond to a situation as it is happening. There’s a good chance your connections are using a social network to find details. Make use of your social profiles to give your message a chance at appearing directly in your followers’ feeds as the story unfolds.

Community Building

It’s not just a great communication system for the people you already know, but also an excellent tool for growing your audience. This, in turn, will generate more digital and physical traffic. One way this happens is through followers sharing your posts with those they are connected with on social networks. They open direct channels so anyone can be a part of the conversation regarding a specific trend or topic. Hashtags, which started on Twitter and have been adopted by other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, allow users to engage #topics that are interesting or important to them.

Lastly, a key point about social media is that it’s social, and allows companies to connect directly with potential customers. This can be beneficial for a lot of reasons. For example, customers often ask for assistance through social networks, and the company can answer them directly, more efficiently than going through traditional telecommunications methods. Favorable posts about a company can be shared (retweeted, in Twitter lingo) for free publicity. Interactive activities like live tweeting a current event or Q&A sessions where followers can engage also provide good opportunities to connect.

Let Us Assist You

Sound like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Indeed it does take up a decent amount of time to create and post social media content, to say nothing of keeping up with the direct outreach of any social media account. Let us develop and maintain an effective social media strategy and presence for you. Whether you are based in Southeast Connecticut, Northwest Indiana, greater Chicagoland or your business serves a national or international clientele; we can help to augment your current social media practices.