marketing media publishing business contentIn business, media exposure is a wonderful tool to have in your marketing pouch. However, it is often one in which total control rests not with the businessperson, but in the hands of said media producer. They control the message, when (or even if) it is released and for how long it is disseminated.

Fortunately for enterprising persons, they need not rely on outside media for greater exposure in today’s world. Every business-owned channel such as websites or social media acts as a publishing outlet, but with total in-house control.

This is advantageous for several reasons. For one, in-house channels can publish whatever and whenever they choose, whereas an outside source might only publish a piece once or a few times. Also, if an outlet were to cease publishing, all media exposure from that source could be lost, and there could be nothing done about it. In-house media, however, remains in ownership of the business and can be posted or shared at will on any channels.

Control over the message itself is also advantageous, you can be promotional when producing content. While third-party publishers might be rigidly objective or journalistic. Also, while outside media can possibly extend one’s reach, the business itself can do little more than hope it connects with a larger audience. In-house media, however, can interact directly with the audience through social media or comments sections. In doing so, one can develop a strategy through experience to determine what schedule receives the most traffic, and most response.