responsive design website Chicago Indiana
responsive design website Chicago Indiana

The ubiquity of smartphones and tablets has forced website designers to tailor sites for mobile devices. Why create multiple versions of a website just to accommodate smartphones? The optimal approach is to utilize a responsive design from the beginning of the wed development process.

This type of site is designed to conform to the dimensions of a user's device, without lose any functionality or usability. That is far more convenient than having to pinch-to-zoom on a site designed for desktop users. Who wants to look at tiny content on your phone screen? When it comes to a user-friendly interface for your customers, the results are worth it.

As previously mentioned, responsive design means that, rather than making separate sites for different devices, one will do. In the past, websites needed to be launched for desktop and mobile, that meant twice the cost. Additionally, it means a different experience for your clients. Navigation and appearance can now be unified under a single design.

Creating an eye-catching and memorable design is important to spread your message to those you want to see it. Ensuring that a design is attractive on any screen size is the best way to consistently deliver it to them. It’s a challenge, however, that we welcome, and one that we’ve become adept at facing.

Let us help you give your customers and users a responsive site that looks good and is easy to use on all devices.


print media services Chicago Indiana
print media services Chicago Indiana

print media services Chicago IndianaPrint, despite what you might have heard, is not dead. Even though it’s been displaced by the Internet as the main channel of disseminating information, print can still be a valuable ally in promotion.

Don’t get us wrong; an online presence is essential to operate on today’s business landscape. However, printed materials can increase your site’s traffic by bridging people to it from the physical world.

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of materials such as fliers. Passing them out at, say, conventions or trade shows puts your brand directly into the hands of people who are interested in your products or services. Moreover, every person who sees your flier around town is one more pair of eyes who has seen that you’re open for business. Plus, placing your social media account or website address on a flier can drive them to your site when they might not have thought to look for you. Better yet, a QR code can take them directly to a location on the web without having to type anything or search for your site.

Most of all, there’s just something about holding a professionally printed item in your hand. This especially goes for business cards. Online, you could be just one of thousands, or millions, of small businesses or individuals looking for clients or your dream job. That still amounts to no physical space. A business card takes up physical space. The person you gave it to has it, and is likely to see it again. Also, the fact that you took the time to get professional cards made says “I’m professional, and I’m serious.”

Traditional promotional materials offline can help your business get a leg up on the competition by bringing more customers to you on the web. Ask about how we can implement printed materials into your marketing strategy.

social media management Chicago Indiana
social media management Chicago Indiana

social media management Chicago IndianaMore people are connecting via social media than ever before, and in many cases constantly. Establishing a social media presence is well worth it for any business, for many reasons.

Getting the Message Out

People expect to see activity when they visit your profiles, so it’s good to get into a routine of making regular posts in a timeframe they can expect. Once you develop a following, they will know when to look for your posts. Social media gets your message to them, instantly.

However, events don’t always happen on a schedule. There are times when it is critical to respond to a situation as it is happening. There’s a good chance your connections are using a social network to find details. Make use of your social profiles to give your message a chance at appearing directly in your followers’ feeds as the story unfolds.

Community Building

It’s not just a great communication system for the people you already know, but also an excellent tool for growing your audience. This, in turn, will generate more digital and physical traffic. One way this happens is through followers sharing your posts with those they are connected with on social networks. They open direct channels so anyone can be a part of the conversation regarding a specific trend or topic. Hashtags, which started on Twitter and have been adopted by other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, allow users to engage #topics that are interesting or important to them.

Lastly, a key point about social media is that it’s social, and allows companies to connect directly with potential customers. This can be beneficial for a lot of reasons. For example, customers often ask for assistance through social networks, and the company can answer them directly, more efficiently than going through traditional telecommunications methods. Favorable posts about a company can be shared (retweeted, in Twitter lingo) for free publicity. Interactive activities like live tweeting a current event or Q&A sessions where followers can engage also provide good opportunities to connect.

Let Us Assist You

Sound like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Indeed it does take up a decent amount of time to create and post social media content, to say nothing of keeping up with the direct outreach of any social media account. Let us develop and maintain an effective social media strategy and presence for you. Whether you are based in Southeast Connecticut, Northwest Indiana, greater Chicagoland or your business serves a national or international clientele; we can help to augment your current social media practices.

Mystic Waters Media Website 2015
Mystic Waters Media Website 2015

Mystic Waters Media Website 2015Thanks for stopping to take a look at our new site. We were really eager to get some kind of update out the door for our third anniversary in business. It has been a long time coming and still needs a few issues resolved but it is live now. The site has been streamlined and updated in a number of ways.

The first thing you are likely to notice is the new imagery that has been integrated along side the service messages we have focused the site towards. These elements that accompany offerings such as social media management, website design, content development and public relations will be making their way into our print and promotional materials in addition to the digital placements.

This brings us to our second point. Mystic Waters Media is now more keenly driven to pursue this refined set of client needs. While mostly an issue of siloing what we do into palatable overviews, it is also an effort to establish a stronger identity in the industry of content creation.

Hopefully you find the site easier to navigate and digest. Getting onto a platform the integrated a responsive template was critical. Mobile devices are becoming the primary intake device for many people and we wanted to make sure the site runs natively on whatever device people are visiting it from.

Make sure to check back regularly as we continue update segments and features of the site.

On Developments...

After two years in business, many people ask us about the future. Whats next? Where is Mystic Waters Media headed?

Well, there is no intention to lose pace. In fact, this month we are turning on the gas with a collection of news-worthy announcements. First off, we will be showcasing at the Purdue Calumet Job Fair this Friday. Additionally, we will have a booth at the Northwest Indiana Comic Con on February 21st, which will also be the relaunch of an entertainment website that was in many ways was a spiritual predecessor to this entire company.

There are roughly half a dozen people involved in making this machine move forward and we have no intention of slowing down. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out and let's have a conversation about how to work together.

Contested Measurements

For a boutique firm based in a tertiary market like Northwest Indiana, Mystic Waters Media has turned out a significant amount of content. We have posted thousands of social media updates, hundreds of blog entries, scores of press releases and consulted clients in a variety of industries on how to improve their marketing strategy, improve websites and expand their footprint within the respective marketplace.

With that said, we have not rested in regards to our own territory as well. is quickly approaching its 200th original piece of content. Not bad for a niche publication focused on shining light at topics that affect all of us in Northwest Indiana. Look for new initiatives in the coming months to expand that brand.

2015 is looking to be an exciting year - stick with us to see what great new announcements we make in the coming months.